Christina Atkinson Bexon Jewelry Designer About Me Modern Ethical Heirlooms Modern Ethical Heirlooms by Christina Atkinson

Ingrained in all of us is a deep longing to be make a difference in some way. We want to know that our lives have made an impact on those around us, especially the ones we love. 

Bexon Jewelry is for people who care about the effect their purchases have on the planet and the people who make the products we buy. It's for strong, compassionate, idealistic, romantics-people who are passionate about leaving the world a better place. It's for those who desire to leave a legacy of integrity. 

The best pieces of jewelry tell meaningful stories. They commemorate new life, love, or loss. They remind you of people you love and places you have been. They're so much a part of your story that you rarely take them off. I love to help clients tell their  stories by immortalizing them into bespoke jewelry pieces, creations that are as unique and beautiful as you. It's a great honor to me to have my jewelry adorn your body, to travel through life with you and one day become heirlooms - a part of your legacy. 

With my debut collection, Initium, I set out to create strong, emblematic wardrobe staples that would integrate beautifully within your signature style. All pieces are cast locally in Los Angeles in recycled gold by small family owned manufacturers who are paid a fair wage. All stones are certified conflict free, Kimberly Process Compliant. I have an ongoing commitment to sustainability, and look forward to new opportunities to reduce waste, and pollution and to better communities through my jewelry in the future. 

Timeless and classic, while simultaneously modern and relevant, Bexon Jewelry will stand the test of time, one day becoming a treasured heirloom for you to be remembered by. 

Your Jewelry. Your Reflection.