Two Sides To Every Coin...

Life is a series of juxtapositions. 

We are not who we once were, but the trials we've experienced have shaped who we are now and who we are becoming. In respect to identity- change is really the only constant. 

Past trials you have experienced, gone through, come out of battered and scarred have helped to shape your character, but they don't define you

Memories from a dark or broken past may still haunt you, but it's incredibly important to remember not to let them interfere with your dreams now. Don't let the ghosts of yesterday haunt the present or follow you into your future. 

Learn from the past, forgive yourself for it, and grow stronger for having gone through it. 

Resilience does not come easily. It could be a very long struggle before we can learn to let go, accept and move on from things we may have guilt over, or memories of things that may have happened to us that we need to forgive in order to heal. It's painful at first to take a hard look at our past selves, accept it for what it was, FORGIVE, realize that's not who you are anymore, and have the courage to move on. The memories and scars may remain, but now they are a part of you, though no longer a part of your identity. It's crucial to accept them and move on.

Life is a struggle often times. We live and we learn. As gold is refined through fire, and diamonds are formed by pressure, so are we refined by our trials. 

I wanted to capture the essence of resilience and the spirit of rebirth in my debut collection, Initium. Named for the Latin word for beginning, the collection is a foundational composition of pieces that represent the idea of resilience and the duality of the human condition. Though we may still bear emotional or physical scars of a tumultuous past, they've been instrumental in forming the people we have become today.

Representing this idea are the deep cuts carved into certain pieces from the collection. The incisions have been given a high polish to represent the refinement that is brought about via these past trials. A rough finish remains on the surface of some pieces to represent that the process is ongoing.

Symmetrical and whole forms symbolize integrity. Integrity comes from the Latin word integer=whole part. This is to portray the idea that to be a person who lives a life full of integrity you must accept the things you cannot change (your past for example) and learn from it. We must continue to love ourselves in order to foster growth, in order to be stronger.

Rebirth. Grace. Renewal. Resilience. Growth. Strength. These are the fundamental tenets of Bexon Jewelry. 

My desire is that you when wear Bexon Jewelry, it will serve as a  reminder  of the importance of acceptance and forgiveness - they will be as tokens of your incredible resilience, emblems of grace and beacons of hope. 

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