How do you tell your story?

Everybody has a story to tell. You matter. You have value. Your story matters. The world wants to hear your story. How are you going to tell it?

You can tell your story through so many ways, either consciously or unconsciously. Consciously by the daily choices you make. What are you going to buy? What will you eat?  What will you wear? And why?

Did you know that what you actually choose to adorn yourself with matters? Everything we do has a ripple effect. Are you conscientious about where your clothing and jewelry come from? Are you interested in the stories of the people who made them and the effect this work has on their lives, either for better or worse? Are you aware of the effects your purchases make on the planet we share? Do your purchases affect the planet negatively or positively?

Our purchases have long-lasting global effects that we often do not stop to consider, but in this global economy we all stand to benefit from committing to buying products that are not going to pollute the planet or harm the people who inhabit it. Do you shop merely to follow trends, buying cheap, fast fashion to be disposed of and put in a landfill next season, or are you willing to invest in a product that is extremely valuable to you because not only is it timeless in its design, it was made in a way that's actually beneficial to the planet, without destroying rainforests and communities, polluting water and air, or exploiting and endangering the lives of workers?

The majority of the decisions we make are unconscious, but the most important ones shouldn't be. What you put in and on your body really matters. Every action has a reaction. Whether you realize it or not, even our smallest daily choices have a domino effect of global consequences. We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to care for this planet we share, and we can do that within the stories of our own lives.

By wearing Bexon Jewelry, you are helping to write your story in a conscientious light, while adorning yourself with jewelry that is beautiful, both in its aesthetic and its production process. Every piece has been constructed using only recycled gold and stones that have been ethically mined (Kimberly Process Certified). We partner with a local refinery and a family owned manufacturing company to produce all of our designs in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible. No new mining is polluting the earth to obtain our gold so you can wear your jewelry with pride knowing that you are doing your part to keep the planet beautiful.

How you can tell your story through Bexon Jewelry.

Just by purchasing and wearing our jewelry you have taken a stand, written another chapter of your story, telling that your purchases and choices have value and have the power to change the world.  Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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