3 Pieces for Your Simple and Chic Capsule Jewelry Collection

bexon jewelry capsule collection ethical fine gold heirloom signet medallion pendant hoop earring modern timeless chic wardrobe In this age of over-stimulation and over-saturation it's critical now to simplify.

Rather than amassing cheap and disposable products to suit your moods or follow trends, why not invest in pieces that are built to last and add meaning and value to your life? 

You can see the thirst in our culture everywhere you look. People are longing for simpler times. We're daily inundated with too many choices- too many things are crying out for our attention. We're over-scheduled, stressed, anxious. We compare ourselves to others and the FOMO is real. 

But change is happening. People are waking up and realizing that it's quality, not quantity that adds true value to your life. 

We're going back to our roots in how we prepare our food and take care of our health. We're taking time to meditate, and prioritizing self-care. We're remembering the lessons our parents taught us- the value of a dollar and the opportunity cost of making an initial investment in something that will last a lifetime vs. buying cheap junk over and over again. 

One way smart and conscientious shoppers are making a shift to more sustainable choices in fashion is by creating capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is basically a wardrobe that's been pared down to just the essentials, emphasizing quality over quantity, of pieces that are interchangeable, well tailored, and timeless. Not constructed around trends, they're more focused on your own personal taste and sense of style. 

You should be able to pull anything from your capsule wardrobe together and look effortlessly chic in an instant. By eliminating items from your closet that you never wear, or that are in bad condition, or as Marie Kondo puts it "that no longer bring you joy", you can see what items you already have that are the foundation for your capsule wardrobe.

Once you have built a capsule wardrobe, you should do the same for your accessories. This is where the idea of a capsule jewelry collection comes into play.

With the same approach you took in building your wardrobe, take a look at your jewelry. What are the pieces you rarely or never wear? What pieces are cheap and trendy and have no longevity and therefore no place in your timeless and chic jewelry collection? Time to let those go! Take stock of what you have and eliminate the unessentials. 

Family heirlooms, gifts from loved ones, and special pieces collected on your travels of course are part of your collection and will one day be heirlooms for you to pass down. Building on what you have, think about what you could integrate into your collection that would fill in any gaps and also layer well with those pieces. 

Imagine you're going on a trip for a month and can only take three pieces of jewelry with you...what would they be? 

For starters, a solid signet ring should be on your list. Bold enough to stand alone and impactful when worn alongside your other treasured heirlooms, a signet is an essential piece to have in your line-up. Bonus points for ones that you can have engraved to add a truly personal touch. 

bexon jewelry el rey signet ring capsule collection ethical conflict free minimalism fashion grey diamonds recycled goldbexon jewelry opus signet ring recycled 14k gold minimalist ethical capsule collection conflict free diamonds

If you wear earrings, a gold hoop is a timeless classic that will never fail you. Slightly edgier than a stud, they instantly add interest and class to any look, whether it's jeans and a T, a suit for the office, or cute dress for a date. A smaller hoop like the Noa hoops look great stacked with studs you may already have in your jewelry box (like Grandma's diamond or pearl studs you inherited.)

bexon jewelry gloria hoops 14k recycled gold earrings capsule collection minimalist fashion hoop hinge and catch initium collection fine jewelrybexon jewelry Noa hoop earrings recycled 14k gold minimalist capsule collection conflict free diamonds ethical fashion

Finally, a pendant necklace is a solid go-to that will never go out of style and always looks chic, either worn solo or layered with other necklaces. Whether it's a smaller charm or a more bold medallion is up to you, depending on what necklines you're more prone to wearing. You can't go wrong with a classic white T, a crisp blazer, jeans, and a solid gold medallion necklace for that effortless chic, beautiful yet relaxed vibe that French women seem to be born with. For an evening look, a long flowy dress or LBD  pairs perfectly with a larger medallion. Choose one that's accented with a pavé diamond halo for extra sparkle. 

bexon jewelry pendant medallion necklaces 14k recycled gold pavé diamonds ethical conflict free minimalist wardrobe capsule collection

And there you have it. Three essential pieces to include in your capsule jewelry collection. All Bexon Jewelry pieces are ethically made with solid recycled 14k gold and conflict-free diamonds. They're bold yet simple, classic yet modern, and comfortably at home next to your already beloved heirlooms and go-to pieces. Designed to stand the test of time, one day they will become treasured heirlooms for your loved ones to treasure and remember you by. 

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