Signet Rings-The Original Personalized Jewelry

Nowadays, personalized jewelry is everywhere, and the options to customize are endless. The time tested signet ring remains an ever popular choice, though its functional purpose has evolved over time. 

Signet rings have been dated as far back as the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia around 3500 BC. The traditional purpose of a signet ring was to serve as a verifiable "signature" or seal on important documents or letters. They were even used to seal tombs, and were originally worn only by nobility or people of higher rank. In order to avoid forgery, rings were destroyed upon the death of the owner, which is why ancient signet rings are now very hard to come by and are extremely valuable. 

Signet rings were often set with a hard stone that had been deeply engraved with an intaglio of an identifying mark to the owner, such as a family crest, monogram, or initials. The engraving would have been carved as an exact mirror image in order to leave an accurate clear impression when the ring was pressed into wax or clay to leave the seal of the owner. 

Over time, with increased literacy, signets ceased to be used as much for signing, but their popularity as an accessory has remained throughout the ages and continues to this day.

A personalized signet ring is the crowning piece in your capsule jewelry collection. These days the options to customize your jewelry are virtually limitless.

One can add engraving, either by hand or laser, birthstones or diamonds, or even commission a piece to be designed from scratch. Personalization of your jewelry automatically elevates it to heirloom status, destined to become a treasured memento for your loved ones to remember you by. 

This is a custom El Rey signet I recently made for a client who gave it to his wife for their 13th anniversary. Do you have an idea for a custom signet? Contact me and let's get started!

Bexon Jewelry El Rey Signet Ring with Roman numeral 13

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