The Partem Collection - Intentional Adornment

Partem - Latin for "direction" - is a new capsule jewelry collection exploring the concept of letting go in order to facilitate new growth. 

We all have something, ingrained in our subconscious, that may be holding us back, hindering our growth. The fascinating thing is that we begin to dismantle these beliefs the moment we acknowledge them. That alone is so encouraging to me to know. It starts with recognition - from the root words meaning to “re know”,  ie. until you acknowledge your limits, you cannot surpass them. This has been a mind-blowing revelation to me, and I am so excited to get this message out via my jewelry to others who may need to hear and be encouraged by it.

From a design perspective, this collection was an intentional exercise I undertook to let go of my tendency towards perfectionism. I decided let go of some of my natural inclinations to gravitate towards right angles and perceived perfection, and instead to mold the waxes like clay in my hands, using heat and pressure to form them into the perfectly imperfect shapes that they became. It was a very intuitive process, and I wasn’t quite sure where it would lead while I was making them, but when they were finished, I just knew…it was time to remove my hands and move the pieces to the next step in their transformation - casting into precious metal.

The circular forms represent completion, but simultaneously the concept that growth is ongoing, that what goes around comes around, all things are working together for our good. This reminds us to be accepting of challenges and trials as teachers and guides on the path to resilience and reformation of character. The  satin finish on the pieces represents a smoothing and softening that comes from learning and growing through our trials, the wisdom of experience.

This was a completely new direction - a new way working and of thinking that was quite liberating for me as an artist. I believe it was born from my own personal intention I have set for myself, of letting go of my perfectionism, or the subconscious belief that I am not enough - something I have struggled with my entire life and only recently uncovered and am now working through.

These ideas were born from my own personal experience in my recovery journey, and as my work is a direct extension of myself, it’s only natural that the message of these lessons I am learning be conveyed in my jewelry.

This is why I call my designs Intentional Adornments.  My work is not only a direct extension of myself, it’s also, and more importantly,  a conduit for connection with others. Jewelry has an innate storytelling capacity. It reminds us of people we love, places that hold special memories for us, and it has the power to evoke certain emotions. It can instill confidence, be a daily reminder of something we have overcome, or of a goal or an aspiration we have for ourselves. It can assume the meaning we want it to, and be worn as a beautiful and gentle reminder of it.

The pieces from the Partem Collection are designed to remind you that there is great power and potential already within each of us - for goodness, grace, and beauty. It’s by going through life’s various trials and struggles - and the wisdom we glean from these experiences, that we begin to grow and mature in character and our hearts and minds become stronger, and also more compassionate - because now, having gone through certain struggles, you are equipped to help others who may still be struggling - because you are a light shining to them in the darkness - a beacon of hope that things may be hard now, but they will get better. You will go through the fire - but you will not be consumed, you will come out of it stronger, glowing, and more resilient.

Each style from the collection is available in sustainably recycled sterling silver or gold vermeil (which is also silver that has been plated with a thick layer of gold). I chose to give a Latin name to the designs that bears the intention for each piece, which you can read about under the product listings. The beauty of jewelry is also that you can assign whatever meaning you want to it, and that it can serve as a tangible reminder of reflection whenever you wear it. 

My intention for the Partem Collection is that when worn, these pieces will serve as Intentional Adornments, daily reminders that true wisdom comes from learning from your trials, and matures in us a gentle strength and humble beauty that is invaluable. I invite you to join me on this journey of transformation.




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