Heirloom Redesign- Transforming Yesterday's Jewelry Into Tomorrow's Treasure

Your jewelry tells your story. An heirloom redesign is a way to transform part of your family story into your own, creating a novel and nostalgic future heirloom for you to one day be remembered by. 

Jewelry has an innate timeless storytelling capacity. Every piece holds a story within its form, not only of the origins of the materials it's comprised of, or the hands that crafted it, but also the stories of the people who owned it and loved it before. If you have been blessed to inherit some heirloom jewelry that was once beloved by your grandmother perhaps, or you have been given your mom's first engagement ring, you undoubtedly hold some sentimental attachment to the pieces. especially if they belonged to a loved one who has passed on. There is also a chance you may love the stones, but the original design is not really your style. You may be wondering what you can do with it now to give it a modern refresh, and transform it into something you would want to wear every day. 

Read on to see how simple and fun it can be to have a bespoke article of jewelry crafted just for you using elements from your family heirlooms. 

So you have inherited some jewelry, and love the stones but maybe not the settings. Maybe you're unsure where to even begin. One of my passions as a designer is creating bespoke one of a kind pieces for clients. I love the process of getting to know YOU on a personal level and creating a piece that is perfectly tailored to your tastes and lifestyle. I get genuinely excited to get to know you, and to creatively interpret aspects of what make you so special and unique into a piece of jewelry that will be so special to you as well that it becomes a piece you never want to take off.

The perfect piece of bespoke jewelry is one that becomes a token of your own signature style, a piece you will be remembered by.

At the same time an heirloom redesign also becomes a memento of your loved ones, a way to keep them close. A piece that will transcend time and live on one day as a future heirloom that your loved ones will treasure for your memory. Because you have value. Your life, your story, your heritage, your legacy has value and your story deserves to be told. I would love to help you tell your story. 

Throughout the process of creating your heirloom redesign I would ask you some questions to help me really get to know you and to bring life to your vision. For example, they might be...

-What is the story behind the heirloom or stone you want to redesign?

-How often would you like to wear the new design? Everyday or special occasions?

-How active is your lifestyle? Are you likely to remember to remove your fine jewelry before doing any activity that might damage it?

-What kind of pieces do you enjoy wearing the most? Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets?

-Are there any elements you would like incorporated into the piece? Perhaps an engraving, extra birthstones? 

-Where is your favorite place to travel? Some of your hobbies? Favorite music, books, artists, films, design aesthetic, style icons etc.

These questions are designed to help me to get to know you personally, so that I can use my creativity to help make YOUR creative dream a reality and bring your vision to life. 

Your jewelry is personal. You wear it closer than anything, and likely rarely take it off. I make jewelry that is a reflection of YOU. If you would like more information about starting the exciting journey of creating an heirloom redesign, please fill out my bespoke order inquiry form. I look forward to getting to know you! 


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