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Diamond in the Rough Kite Necklace


One of a Kind

A true diamond in the rough, this necklace perfectly encapsulates the essence of your unique story in the form of a single rough diamond nugget encased in a golden kite shaped cage. The pendant is suspended on a vintage 14k yellow gold box style chain. 

As gold is refined by fire, and diamonds are formed under pressure, so are we refined by our trials. 

Under the pressure, you're being cultivated like a diamond. Wear this necklace as a token of resilience, an ever present reminder of the beautiful formation of character obtained via your unique trials. 

  • 1.3 carat rough light grey diamond
  • 14k recycled yellow gold kite pendant
  • 20" 14k yellow gold box chain


One of a kind and ready to ship.

The original of this necklace has sold, but to inquire about creating one just for you, please contact me here

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