The Madison's

Bexon Jewelry Custom Engagement Rings in silver and rose gold with rough diamonds

After we got engaged we didn’t know where to begin to create the perfect wedding ring for myself.  I have an active lifestyle so I needed a ring that could match my lifestyle. I met with Christina and showed her some inspiration and examples of what I was looking for.  She made a model of my ring in wax before she cast it in sterling silver so I could see it an

d be a part of the creative process. The best part was that I could completely trust her to execute my vision.  When she had it finished I was so excited to see it.  She even engraved our wedding date on the inside.  I was blown away on how it looked and was so excited to wear it every day. I  would recommend her to anyone looking for unique and good quality handcrafted jewelry.  


-Scott Madison

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